Sunday Morning    

At First Baptist Church you can expect a warm and friendly group of people who gather because they value God's Word.  As such, the preaching of Scripture plays an important role in our corporate gatherings, and you will always hear a clear exposition of God's Word.  Our preaching time usually lasts around 35 minutes, which leaves time for other elements in our service time.  Our morning service also emphasizes worshiping in song.  Scripture teaches us to sing songs of praise to our God and to one another, and we do this through congregational singing, special music, choir, and other musical opportunities.  We also take time to worship God through our giving.  Our offering time is for our members and regular attenders to give back to God a portion of what He has given to us.   

Sunday School

You can re-enforce your understanding of God's Word by joining us for our Sunday school hour, which begins one hour before the morning service.  We also have children's Sunday school designed to help children come to know and love the Gospel.  Sunday school is designed more as an instruction time for you to interact with God's Word and grow in your knowledge.  

Sunday Nights

Want to go even deeper?  Perhaps you should consider joining us for our Sunday evening small group time!  Small groups run periodically throughout the year and are an excellent opportunity to connect with other believers and apply Scriptural truth to your life.  Small groups usually take place in a local home and offer a comfortable and informal setting to get to know others and study God's Word together.  Check our calendar page to find out when our next small group sessions take place!  

Common Questions:
1) What should I wear? 
Something comfortable!  You will find people at our church in various styles of dress.  You will find suits and ties as well as blue jeans.  There is no dress code!    
2) What is your music style?  
We have a conservative blended style of worship.  We appreciate traditional hymns of the faith from which we can learn doctrinal truth.  We also appreciate newer and contemporary music which point us to God in our modern context.  Most services contain a mix of hymns and modern songs.    
3) Where do I go? 
When you arrive in the parking lot you will want to look for the main auditorium; it's the entrance with the wide sidewalk.  These doors lead to our foyer, where you will be greeted by an usher or a worker at our welcome center and given a bulletin for the week.  Continue straight ahead to the auditorium or ask an usher where to find one of our age appropriate Sunday school classes! 
4) How long are your services? 
A typical worship service lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour and 15 minutes.  
5) What about child care? 
Our nursery serves children through the age of 3 during our Sunday school and morning service times.  At our welcome center older children can find sermon worksheets with blanks to fill in and pictures to draw based on the morning sermon.